Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pure Fix Cycles video Guide

There are a lot of great guides and tutorials about single speed bikes. Recently I managed to find really good video guide for Pure Fix Cycles bike. In almost 18 minutes video you will get a lot of valuable info about this bicycle, so I recommend you to check it out!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Pure Fix Cycles Bike

I wanted a bike, which is simple and cheap. In this way I would give it to children without any worries that they can brake it down or something. I decided to start with fixed-gear bicycle. They seemed to be perfect for what I wanted.

When I started my research I found a very big option range. A lot of companies are offering this type of bike but I finally went with Pure Fix Cycles. My decision was mainly based on other customers reviews, so I will give back what I get and now will write my own review about this Fixed-gear road bike.

I will start with the experience of getting the bike. First of all, customers service here is very good. They are willing to answer every question no matter how stupid it seems to be. What I really liked is their website, They provide a lot of information in website about the bike, what I missed in other bike companies sites. Company also have big community in Facebook and nicely communicate through it.

The bike arrives to home in big package. After opening it you will find almost assembled bike. Only few more parts need to put on and you are ready for the first ride with your new bike. Assembly took me about 25 minutes and it was easy. At the first ride I had some issues with the brakes and front wheel. But that was only my responsibility. After that I went to local bike shop and the only one thing they done was a little tightening. After that the ride was smooth and fast. Brakes also needed some adjustment and they work fine.

The bike is really light and weigh is only about 25 pounds. I also own more expensive bicycle with aluminum frame and speed gears, but both weights almost the same. Pure Fix Cycles has steel frame and forks. All other components are mainly made of alloy. Bicycle feels sturdy and solid. The ride is really comfortable. Maybe only the seat could be a little softer, but for my kids it will be fine.

It is the first fixed-gear bicycle for me, so I was curious how hard would be to ride into a bigger hill. I have tried this and it wasn't really easy. 44:16 gear ratio is great for pavement and reaching good speed, but for hills it can take you effort. From my personal experience, I would recommend getting foot straps. Pure Fix Cycles comes without them and that is really great thing for road bike, especially if it is also fixed-gear.

One thing that was really interesting for me before buying bike for less than 400 dollars, if it will be durable and won't brake down after 100 miles. Hard to say, but the bicycle at the moment has approximately 200 miles run and everything is still fine. Of course, tires don't look like new ones, but still hold the pressure.

I am absolutely satisfied with Pure Fix Cycles bike. I didn't need anything fancy and I managed to get that pretty cheaply. What is the best, it still rides as well as in the beginning and didn't require any repair. I strongly recommend this bike.